January 27, 2016

A just transition to a green economy will create jobs while lowering emissions

We can have national projects and one must be a just transition diversifying our economy from oil. We must position ourselves to transition away from a carbon economy, which will create jobs while lowering emissions. For example, public investment of $23 billion in renewable energy in Canada would create 290,000 person years of employment while reducing our emissions by 44 Mt.

Angella MacEwen, senior economist at the Canadian Labour Congress via The Exchange on CBC

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December 11, 2015

“We should not fear the transition to a green economy” – ILO Deputy Director 

At a COP 21 side event, Gilbert Houngbo, ILO Deputy Director Field Operations and Partnerships, explains that while moving to a sustainable economy will have profound implications for the world of work, with the right policies in place, many tens of millions of jobs can be created.

Video produced by the International Labour Organization


December 8, 2015

One Million Climate Jobs forum at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris with Tony Clarke, Glen Murray and Elizabeth May

Video produced by Zack Embree for National Observer


November 22, 2015

By collaborating with governments and employers, workers and unions can tackle climate change and ensure a just transition to a green economy.

Featuring author Naomi Klein, President of the Canadian Labour Congress Hassan Yussuff, and Unifor President Jerry Dias.

Video produced by the Canadian Labour Congress