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Green Economy Network

Green Economy Network

The Green Economy Network releases its 2021 election report card

In consideration of the upcoming federal election, the Green Economy Network has put together a report on the major federal parties’ approaches to climate change.

From the executive summary:

In 2016, the Green Economy Network (GEN) published its “10 Policies for a Green Economy” call to action.

This document covers 5 major themes that GEN feels are essential to pave the way for the green economy of the future: energy, transportation, retrofits, just transition, and financing. It remains a core component of our vision for a transformative, green economic model.

In consideration of Canada’s upcoming federal election, we’ve reviewed each major party platform and have compared it against our plan.

This report is meant to serve as an informational guide for those who share GEN’s vision of a transformative economic model. 

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