By investing up to 5% of the annual federal budget in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and public transportation, over five years Canada could create one million new jobs while reducing our annual greenhouse gas emissions by 25 to 35 %. 

One Million Climate Jobs Challenge


By investing up to 5 percent of the annual federal budget, each year, for a five-year period — in public renewable energy developments [i.e. wind, solar, and geothermal power]; energy efficiencies through building retrofits; public transit improvements and expansion; and in higher speed rail between urban cities within urban corridors — Canada could create one million new jobs in the economy while reducing between 25 and 35 percent of our annual greenhouse gas emissions. Such an action plan could finally put Canada on track for  meeting its international obligations to reduce its annual greenhouse gas emissions while, at the same time, triggering the shift or transition to a new economy — one that is more socially just and environmentally sustainable.

GEN’s One Million Climate Jobs Challenge