Following the Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth and Climate Change, the First Ministers committed to establishing working groups to identify options for action in four areas: clean technology, innovation and jobs; carbon pricing mechanisms; specific mitigation opportunities; and adaptation and climate resilience. Each working group will assess impacts on economic and environmental outcomes. The reports will be provided to the ministerial tables charged with overseeing their work, as outlined below, by September 2016. Ministers will review these reports and provide their recommendations to First Ministers by October 2016, and make the working group reports public.

The Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs focuses on options for stimulating economic growth, creating jobs and driving innovation across all sectors to support transition to a low-carbon economy.  In doing so, the Working Group will consider a range of policy tools that will leverage regional strengths and bring new and emerging technologies and innovations to market, sustain a competitive economy, encourage growth and investment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase exports of clean technologies, services and expertise.

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Green Economy Network submitted the “One Million Climate Jobs Plan” to the Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs.

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GEN’s Submission to the Government of Canada’s Working Group on Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs