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GEN comments on Sustainable Jobs Act

Last week, the Liberal government tabled its long-awaited Sustainable Jobs Act.

The bill marks a positive step forward towards ensuring the transition to a net-zero economy puts workers first.

The federal government’s success in achieving this goal will be determined by its willingness to provide the comprehensive funding needed for the creation of good, green jobs across Canada. Continued engagement with the labour movement should also be a priority. As such, the government must ensure that unions will have a central position in the Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council.

Moreover, while the government has decided to take an “evergreen” approach to its definition of sustainable jobs, this term cannot become meaningless. The jobs created by the Act must be well-paying and stable, among other things. The Act should also facilitate an environment conducive to the expansion of trade union membership in Canada.

Additionally, the bill should be strengthened by explicitly recognizing the essential role transitioning away from carbon-intensive production will play in the path to net-zero, and by improving its commitment to providing supports for affected workers and communities.

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