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Clean, Safe Transportation


GEN has a comprehensive plan to address the current needs of public transit systems across the country and develop high speed rail travel between the nation’s most populous urban centres and along its busiest routes. This plan includes:

  • $30.75 billion over a 5-year period from the federal government to support the enhancement and development of inner and inter-city transit services.
  • $52 billion over a 5-year period from the federal government and other sources for the implementation of three high-speed rail projects along Canada’s busiest corridors.
  • In total, this plan will require $82.75 billion in spending from all levels of government .

Canada is overdue for an upgrade to bring its inter-city rail infrastructure into the twenty-first century. Likewise, upgraded and expanded public transit systems can have substantial environmental and job-creation benefits. Canadians need a stronger and more comprehensive plan to develop and expand public transit. Currently, provincial and federal governments help municipalities pay for capital projects in public transportation. However, municipal governments still end up bearing the brunt of the combined operations and capital costs. We all share the benefits; it’s important to share the load.