Listen to Tony Clarke, chair of the Green Economy Network, and Stewart Muir, executive director of the Resource Works Society, discuss the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ Challenge.

CBC Radio, B.C. Almanac [listen here]

March 2, 2016

On the eve of the March 3 First Ministers’ meeting in Vancouver, Tony Clarke discusses Green Economy Network’s ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ Challenge. The plan would create over one million climate jobs over five years and cost just under $81 billion. The plan focuses on three priority areas: renewable energy; energy efficiency and building retrofits; and public transportation, including high-speed rail.

These three sectors alone (energy, buildings, and transportation) are responsible for 81% of annual GHG emissions in Canada. Transforming just these industries away from a carbon-based economy to a green economy will create over one million climate jobs in five years.

In addition to climate job creation, the Three Pillar Plan will reduce annual GHG emissions by approximately 24% (175 Mt) within five years and by approximately 36% (261 Mt) within ten years. The GEN Three Pillar Plan will exceed Canada’s emissions reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement by 2025, five years early.

CBC Podcast with Tony Clarke and Stuart Muir on ‘One Million Climate Jobs’