What are the Regional Roundtables?

In 2014, GEN began a process of convening a series of regional roundtables in collaboration with union, environmental, Indigenous, youth, social justice and faith-based groups across the country. Initially, the objective of these roundtables was to: listen and learn about what is happening in regional and local settings around green economy and related initiatives; share information about the GEN common platform, plan of action and ‘one million climate jobs’ campaign; and to develop strategies for follow-up collaboration and action where possible on regional and national levels.

To date, most of the roundtables have been organized as one day events involving 20 to 30 people from diverse sectors of their respective communities. In some cases, the roundtables are accompanied by a public forum in the evening. In the near future, several round tables will be organized as evening events in order to accommodate more people who may be working at their regular jobs during the day. One of the main outcomes of the roundtables so far is the creation of an ongoing regional space for groups to come together to plan and organize follow-up strategies and actions locally for climate jobs, including community-based campaigns.

Once more of the roundtables have taken place, the GEN website here will be used to provide space for regional networks to share information on their local campaign activities.

Upcoming Roundtables

Saint John, New Brunswick (October 2017)

Past Roundtables