Making the Shift to a Green Economy:

A Common Platform of the Green Economy Network

As members of Canadian-based labour, environmental, faith and social justice organizations we have come together to form a common front for the building of a green economy in Canada. We have done so recognizing that we are living in one of those critical moments in human history wherein decisions must be made that will ultimately affect our destiny as a people, a nation, and the planet.

We maintain that, if the plan of action outlined in this platform were to be fully enacted during the coming decade, Canada would be well on the road to creating the equivalent of over one million new full-time jobs for a year (person job years) and reducing our total national greenhouse gas emissions by over 200 million tonnes a year by 2030 which represents a substantial contribution towards our overall emissions reductions. Moreover, these initiatives would generate opportunities for the transition towards a more equitable as well as a more sustainable economy.

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